Years in Practice: 19 Years
License: NC / LCAS-3156
School: East Carolina University
Year Graduated: 2008

My Experience
I have a passion for helping others and have worked in the drug and alcohol and mental health fields for almost 20 years now. I enjoy working with all types of people and have experience in a wide variety of settings. I have worked in hospitals, prisons and other health institutions. In addition, I’ve worked in schools, nursing homes, rehabs and private practice.

Who I Work With
I’ve worked with a lot of different types of people, and I love helping people. I have experience with people who have chronic and persistent mental illness such as schizophrenia, and I’ve also worked with kids with autism. I have done individual counseling as well as family and marriage therapy. I’ve worked with all ages from the elderly to children and all ages in between.

What Qualifies Me
I’m a Masters level social worker and a licensed clinical addiction specialist. The types of therapy that I use the most are cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma informed care and dialectical behavioral therapy. I’m also trained in motivational interviewing. We will choose the treatment plan that works best for your needs, but these are the types that I’m most familiar with and find most effective.

Looking Forward to Working with YOU!
As a private practice, I very much enjoy working with any type of client in any type of setting. Although I have a lot of drug and alcohol treatment experience and mental health experience, I enjoy working with people who are in different stages of life. I also do life coaching and enjoy helping people find what works best for them in their lives. With technology, we are not limited by location and I am open to working with clients in all areas of the United States.


Why I do what I do

The way that I got into therapy and counseling is fairly organic. My father suffered from depression and got into treatment late. He killed himself when I was eight years old, and this shaped my childhood and had an obvious impact on me. My mother sent me to see a psychiatrist and to therapy after this. Over the course of this treatment, I was diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia. It was hard for me as a kid, and I often got in trouble. I wasn’t very good in school either because of my learning disabilities, although I was interested and had a sharp mind. I played a lot of sports, which helped, but then I started experimenting with drugs and alcohol when I was 16 years old like a lot of kids do. With me, it became more than just experimenting and consumed my life.

I also struggled with some of the same mental illness that my dad did, and the combination of all of this made it really hard for me to live life. I started using heavily. I went to my first rehab when I was 21 years old. I got into trouble with the law, which turned out to be a blessing. At 23, I got clean and sober through a program called drug court. I got my associates degree, my bachelors in social work, and my masters in social work so that I could help people who had the same struggles I had. I did well in school and was on dean’s list, a real testament given how much trouble I had in school as a kid. I stayed clean and sober for seven years until I had to have back surgery and got hooked on pain pills. After that relapse I regained my sobriety and after some difficult struggling. I know what it is like to fight every day to have a good life. I want to help others fight that fight as well, whether it’s overcoming drug and alcohol issues, depression, anxiety or just general lack of direction in your life. It makes me happy to share what I’ve learned with others.

I appreciate you letting me share a little bit about myself so that you can know who I am and where I come from, but it’s really not about me. When I work with clients, I make it all about them. I don’t normally self-disclose this much, but I want to share a little bit so that you can get to know me. I look forward to helping you live the life you want to lead.


How I found my freedom.

How I found my freedom.

I am a North Carolina native who was born and raised in Raleigh, but my deep love of the ocean and of surfing keeps drawing me back to the coast.  I’ve lived in the Outer Banks and Wilmington and have spent a lot of time at Holden Beach.  For me, surfing is a form of therapy that I like to share with others and use myself.  When I’m feeling stressed out or anxious, I always try to get in the water or surf or even just hang out at the beach and take a walk.  Surfing is definitely one of my main coping skills.  I view it as a very holistic way to deal with life‘s challenges.  Teaching others to surf, from my mom to kids with autism to wounded warriors to other people who suffer from anxiety and depression, has been a way that I can share my coping skills with others to help make their lives better.  I look forward to the opportunity to work with you and share my outlook with you.

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