Do you feel like substance abuse is blocking you from really living?  Is it causing you stress?  Is it interfering with your ability to be the best version of yourself that you can be? Is it causing issues in your family, in your job or in your friendships?  


Maybe you do not feel that you have a substance abuse issue, but you would like to sit down and explore your relationship with substance use.  It can be beneficial to reflect on how you use substances to try to regulate your emotions or deal with pain, or even how you use substances to let go and forget about life for a while.  Conversations like this can lead to a better understanding of yourself and how your substance use affects your life and the lives of those around you.    


I know from personal experience that life can sometimes be very painful and challenging and that drugs or alcohol can seem like an easy solution.  I myself have struggled with substance abuse issues and have used drugs and alcohol to try to lessen my physical pain and emotional suffering.  I have found that drugs and alcohol are only a temporary solution that can lead to more issues down the road, but sometimes it is very difficult to stop once you are in that cycle.


People who do not have chemical dependence issues often do not understand just how hard it can be to stop drinking alcohol or using drugs to regulate your emotions.  I understand how difficult this can be, and I understand it from both personal and professional perspective.  I want to help you get control of your life back and live the life you want to lead.


Do you want to find freedom from the substance abuse issues that are holding you down?  Do you want to better understand your relationship with drugs or alcohol?  


I know that reaching out can be very difficult. I applaud you for having the courage to even try. Let’s walk this path together.  Here are some of the services I offer:


  • Substance abuse counseling, assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of substance use issues or a co-occurring mental health disorder*
  • Counseling with people who are interested in exploring their relationship with drugs or alcohol and understanding it on a deeper level 
  • Counseling with people who are considering starting treatment for drugs or alcohol 
  • Counseling with people who are in treatment for drugs or alcohol
  • Counseling with people who are just being discharged from treatment for drugs or alcohol
  • Counseling with people who have relapsed 
  • Counseling with people who have long periods of sobriety but who want to continue to work on their coping skills 
  • Intervention treatment, including crisis intervention


I customize my approach to you.  I have a wealth of experience in the substance abuse arena.  I can provide a safe, affirming, and supportive space to work through the issues you face or to simply talk about your substance use and the role it plays in your life.  

I am highly experienced in helping people improve the quality of their lives, creating more self-worth, and finding meaning in their life by addressing substance abuse issues.  As a Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist, I am able to provide assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of substance use issues or a co-occurring mental health disorder.  My work is grounded in substance abuse treatment, but self-improvement and healing underlying trauma leading to substance use are often part of this process. 


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Addiction can take many forms. I have worked in this field for almost 20 years. I have worked with young and old in a variety of settings both one and one and in groups. Over this time, I have developed a number of strategies that will help you find your freedom from addiction.


Adam is an experienced interventionist who will work with you in your home, the office, or a place you decide on together. Adam is dedicated to providing you the support needed to get your loved one the help they need. If you need intervention services in North Carolina, please contact us.